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Health Commission



This service was created on the 31 October, 1999. In the Archdiocese of Bamenda Maternal and Child Health is improved, the incidents of preventable communicable diseases, especially HIV/AIDS and malaria is reduced. Expansion of Health Care facilities in the Archdiocese by building new structures or enlarging present structures according to demand from the local population has taken place within the last nine years. Quality health care is administered to patients both physically and spiritually in all Health facilities in the Archdiocese of Bamenda. Staff meetings of the Health Coordinating team are held monthly. Supervision of 24 Health Facilities in the Archdiocese is carried out twice yearly. The Archdiocesan Health Centres are directly the responsibility of the Coordination Office and are visited monthly for Doctor’s consultation or more often if it is deemed necessary.  The purpose of supervision to the Health Facilities is to ensure the proper management, organisation and functioning of the facilities. To ensure that quality care is given to patients at all times. To ensure that Health Centres have adequate supplies and equipment and are structurally adequate for the services being offered; have clean water; good environmental sanitation and hygiene.  That Health Centres are adequately staffed in accordance with the needs of the location and target population. The Spiritual welfare of staff and patients is considered a priority for persons in charge of Centres.
1. Scheduling of meetings with Heads of Health Facilities every 3 months for the implementation of the strategic plan for Health Care in the Archdiocese and the promotion of Primary Health Care, as the desired model of Health.
2. Organisation of a system for bulk purchasing of drugs storage and distribution of same. Monitoring of usage of essential drugs and financing of same on a cost recovery basis in the Health institutions in the Archdiocese of Bamenda.

      His Lordship Agapitus Nfon Chairperson    
-     Fr. Oliver Gam                    Chaplain      
-     Fr. Joseph Ateh                   BEPHA       
-     Sr.Emelda Kuh                    Health Coordinator,     
-     Mrs Rose Mba                     Member    
-     Dr. Leonard Sunjo               Medical Doctor      
-     Sr.Olive Dzeedzemoon         Matron Njinikom Hospital       
-     Mr. Njefi Michael                 Member            
-     Sr. Carmen Rodriquez          Matron Maria Soledad Hospital   
-     Barrister Luke K. Sendze      Legal Adviser
-     Mr. Linus Ndikum                Labour Adviser
-     Sr. Dorothy Agbasielo          Matron Akum Health Centre

3. Promotion of Health Committees is encouraged for easy communication between the Health facility and the local population.
4. Archdiocesan Health Commissions meet twice yearly for reporting purposes and the implementation of the Pastoral Plan regarding health in the Archdiocese.
5. Meetings are scheduled twice yearly with 4 Health Coordinators of the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda for reporting purposes and improvement of health services in the Province.
6.  Scheduled meetings with B.E.P.H.A management  
7.  Annual budget is submitted for clarification purposes and implementation
8. Monthly meetings with the person in charge of Catholic Health Services and Medicines for Humanity support services in the Archdiocese.
9. Archdiocesan Health Council meet twice yearly.
10. Administration management seminars are organized on request

CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES:Paul Waindim             Regional Coordinator
HEALTH CHAPLAINCY:           Fr Oliver Gam
BEPHA  ARCHDIOCESE           Fr Joseph Ateh.


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