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October 2015


Final Communique

The Archdiocesan Pastoral Week took place at the Blessed Paul VI Pastoral Centre, BamendaNkwe from Saturday 10 -Sunday 18 October 2015 under the theme: Come out of yourselves and wake up the world. Over 500 delegates from different Parishes and institutions attended this pastoral week.  On Saturday 10 October 38 delegates of the Laity Council came together and had a presentation from Fr John Bosco Ambe, the Vicar for the Laity on Baptismal Consecration. All of us are consecrated in and through our baptism. The Auxiliary bishop, Mgr Agapitus Nfon gave an input on the theme of the pastoral week; and another input on the Consecrated Life was given by Sr Joan Mary Kiiyvenyonge.  On Sunday 11 October, the Youth of the Archdiocese had a great celebration in the Cathedral with Fr Cletus Amah as the main celebrant. On the same Sunday, the Religious met in the Pastoral Centre in a Holy Mass celebrated by the Vicar General, Mgr George Tomrila Ngalim; and the auxiliary bishop gave an input on the theme of the pastoral week.  In the end the religious promised to be more present in their various Parishes as part and parcel of the Pastoral Plan. 144 catechists were present on Monday 12 October  and received input from Sr Colette McCann on Baptismal Consecration and the Catechists, while the auxiliary bishop spoke again on the theme of the Pastoral Week.  On Tuesday 13 October 14 major seminarians on Pastoral Year came together with the Archdiocesan Vocations Director. Mr Christopher Fonge gave an input on the Baptismal Consecration and the Seminarian while Fr Bangsi called on the seminarians to be involved in their parishes so as to be more informed about the Provincial Pastoral Plan.  80 priests were present on Wednesday 14 October and got an input from Mgr Lucas Sanosi on the challenges that priests face in the Archdiocese of Bamenda. The auxiliary bishop  encouraged  priests to revive the warmth of their vocation; to feel a sense of belonging and to encourage each other as priest living and working in the same Church. On Thursday 15 October, 104 members of the different Pastoral Formation Teams from the parishes were challenged by the auxiliary bishop to get more acquainted with the Provincial Pastoral Plan. Sr Colette spoke on the different charisms of the consecrated life.. 113 participants representing 14 commissions were present on Friday 16 October to share, their experiences and bring together what each commission has done. On Saturday 17 October 40 leaders of the  Archdiocesan Pastoral Council, the supreme body of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan, made up of some heads of services, 2 out of 7 deans and other members of the Council discussed frankly, openly and at length on various issues raised throughout the Pastoral Week. In the end delegates resolved that  the SCCs cards become as from this year the one document that shows the degree of participation of a Christian in his parish. The Archdiocesan Pastoral Week came to an end with a Pontifical concelebrated Holy Mass  on Sunday 18 October, Mission Sunday, in the St Joseph's Metropolitan Cathedral Mankon. The Church is missionary by Divine right and we are all invited to go out to spread the Good News. It is significant that we held our Archdiocesan Week within the context of the 14 th  General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the Family. We are all members of the Christian family in the archdiocese of Bamenda. His Lordship Agapitus Nfon thanked all the delegates who were present for the Archdiocesan Pastoral Week and prayed that as they return to their respective parishes, ready to go out of themselves and awake the world.  The vast majority of people are on the periphery living in excessive poverty and some getting to near despair. Our Pastoral Week has been the opportunity to give us the opening to witness to the Good News.
Done this day, Sunday 18 October 2015 in Bamenda.

+ Agapitus Nfon, Auxiliary Bishop of Bamenda.

Final Communique

The National Communication Forum for Catholic Communicators took place in the Pastoral Centre, Paroisse Ste Esprit, Okola, Diocese of Obala, from Monday 26-Thurday 29 October  2015 under the Chairmanship of Bishop Sosthene Leopold Bayemi, Bishop of Obala, President of the National Episcopal Commission for Social Communications. This forum brought together Diocesan Directors of Communications and heads of other Catholic media. The main objective  of this forum was to revive the National Communication Commission.  There were six key moments during this forum: First, there was an opening Mass during which delegates were exhorted to be fully aware of the impact of the media today. Secondly, there was a welcome by the Mayor of Okola, followed by the opening speech of Mgr Bayemi who said that the Church owes an obligation to use the old and new means of communication for New Evangelization. The third moment during this forum were the Workshops organized according to Ecclesiastical Provinces, and another according to different organs of communications. During these workshops the actual situation of Catholic Communication, the challenges, difficulties and suggestions for a better future were examined and discussed. Fourthly, there were different inputs from experts. Dr Francois Marc Medzom who spoke on the challenges that the Church faces in the light of an expanding media world. He put an emphais on how to manage crisis. Then Mr  Xavier Zingui Messomo, helpe to draw up a strategic plan for the communication commission.  The closing ceremony of the forum included a holy mass, the reading of the final communique and the closing speech of His Lordship Sosthene Leopold  Bayemi, President of the National Communication Commission of the NECC.  All in all, the sessions were lively and frank, and the resolutions taken include the production of a frunctional organigramme and a 5 Year Strategic Plan to be presented to the NECC, and a decision that all directors of Communications be present at Batouri for the 39th Assembly of Bishops.

Done at Okala, this day, Thursday 29 October 2015
His Lordship Sosthene Leopold Bayemi, bishop of Obala, President of the National Commission for Communications at the NECC.

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