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Tertiary Sisters of St Francis: This is the oldest congregation in the Archdiocese. The Tertiary Sisters of St  Francis, Bixen arrived at Shisong  on 16 October 1935. They began a health centre and also ran a girls' primary school in Shisong.  That health centre has grown into St Elizabeth Catholic Hospital one of  best hospitals in Cameroon.   In 1971 the General Chapter decided to make Cameroon a Province, today the largest TSSF Province in the world. In the Archdiocese of Bamenda, the sisters run the St Martin de Porres Hospital  and the St Maria Goretti Catholic Comprehensive High School in Njinikom;  the St Martin de Porres Catholic Hospital in Wum, another hospital in Bafut and yet another in Bali. They run health centres in Fuli-Kom and Mbesa; help in the Archbishop's House Mankon, run a Spiritual Centre, La Verna in Foncha Street and help with the administration of the Pastoral Centre in Bamendankwe.

Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary: Founded by the Spiritan Bishop Joseph Shanahan in 1924 came to Bamenda in 1963 to start  Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School for Girls. Today the Sisters have a convent in Akum where they run a Hospital;  another in Mankon where they sisters are mostly engaged in education and then their international Postulancy is in Sacred Heart College, Mankon. One of the MSHR Sr Collette McCann is involved in the Catechetical and Pastoral Formation while another Sr Sheila is in full time minstry for HIV/AIDS  counselling.

Dominican Sisters of Strict Enclosure
In 1965, some Dominican sisters of strict enclosure came from Venlo in the Netherlands and started a contemplative community in St Gabriel's Parish, Bafmeng. On 27 January 1975, the bishop and prioress both addressed a request to the Pope asking for the convent to be transfered to Bambui. The Sacred Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes authorized this transfer by letter Prot. N.984/75. By early 1978, a convent was ready in Bambui and the Sisters left Bafmeng and arrived at Bambui on 10 February 1978 and had their first mass in the new convent the following day. On 7 October 1978, the bishop presided at a solemn Mass which also marked the official inauguration of the Enclosure in the Dominican Convent Bambui.

Sisters of St Therese of the Child Jesus of Buea:
An Apostolic Diocesan Congregation founded by Bishop Jules Peteers, then Bishop of Buea, what is today the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province on 25 June 1963. To glorify God through lives of total commitment to Him and to the service of His Church mainly in Cameroon. Their spirituality is Love, Unity, and Simplicity. In the Archdiocese of Bamenda, the Sisters are running St Blaise Hospital.

The Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus (HHJC): Founded on 5 January 1931 in Nigeria by Mother Mary Charles Magdalene Walker, an Irish Sister of Charity, at the invitation of Bishop Joseph Shanahan. Today the Congregation is found across Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Kenya, Sierra Leone, USA, Italy, England, Canada and Cameroon. Engaged in Education, medica, pastoral, social, and missionary service. The HHJC are found in Wossing, Bali where they run Ancilla Catholic Comprehensive College.

The Sisters of St Ann: The first community of the Sisters of St Ann in the Archdiocese of Bamenda was canonically established in All Saints Parish, Bayelle on 21 Novemeber 1991. In 1997  four Cameroonian women made their first profession as Sisters of St Ann and left for further formation in the Generalate of the Institute in Rome. A Formation House for Novices  has been built in Foncha Street and constitutes the 2nd community in Bamenda. Then there is another community in Fuanantui. Since 26  October 1997, the Cameroon Mission of the Sisters of St Ann was officially erected into a Delegation. The Sisters of St Ann are engaged in Pastoral work in the parishes, in education at all levels and in health care.

The Holy Union Sisters of the Sacred Heart:
Founded by Fr Jean Baptiste Debrabant in France in 1826 to contemplate the union  between the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Hence their charism is Union and Reconciliation. Involved in education at all levels, health care and social work.  Started a Girls' Home Economics Centre in Ndop in the late 70s. This has now grown into St Mary's Catholic Comprehensive High School, Bamunka, Ndop. But the former centre in Ndop Mission has become a Resource Centre while the Sisters run the Health Centre in Baba I and now have their Postulancy in Baba I.

Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, Ministers to the Sick: Canonically erected at Widekum on 21 July 1986. Today the sisters run a hospital and a Noviciate Formation House there. They also run the Mary Soledaad Hospital at Alakuma opposite the college gate of Sacred Heart College, Mankon, as well as a Postulancy.

Institute of the Calasanzian Sisters, Daughters of  the Divine Shepherdess (DDS), Futru -Nkwen
:  Founded in Spain by Bl. Faustino Miguez as a community of life built on Christ the Good Shepherd.  To make Christ the only model in everything; to love Mary; to live with simplicity; and to cultivate humility as a characteristic virtue.  Engaged in school as the privileged place for integral education of children; and the promotion of women. The first Calasanzian sisters of the Andalusian Province, Spain, arrived in Futru on Friday 31 October 1997 and received a tremendous and most enthusiastic welcome from the Parish Community.

Capuchin Sisters of Mother Rubatto, Bambili: Founded in Loano, Italy by Mother Francesca Rubatto on 23 January 1885 to serve the most needy. The Sisters are found in Italy, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Israel, Malawi, Eritirea, Ethiopia, Kenya and Cameroon. The Sisters are involved in education and pastoral work in Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Bambili. The sisters also run a formation house.   

The Little Sisters of Jesus, Bayelle:
Live among the people in the quarter at Ndamukong Street.

The Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, Njimafor: Founded by Laura Leroux de Bauffremont and sustained by Fr Gregory Fioravanti to contemplate  Jesus Christ crucified.  The specific mission of the congregation is evangelization through prayer, pastoral ministry, education and care of the sick. So in Queen of Paece Parish Njimagor, the sisters run a nursery school and a health centre, as well as Postulancy. They are also found in Nkoabang, yaounde.

Sisters of Christ, Bambui: Help in Parish work, as well as run their Postulancy.

The Sisters of the Infant Jesus (Soeurs de l'Enfant Jesus), Fundong: Involved in education and parish apostolate as well as started a Noviciate.

Sisters of Charity of St Jeanne Antide Thouret, Njindom
: Run the health centre and involved in parish apostolate.

Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, Babanki Tungo:  Founded in 1838  by Mother Claudine Echernier and Father Mermier to reveal to all people the merciful love of the Father, to contemplate the cross of Christ as the tree of life. Being present among youth, work in formal and informal education, health, promotion of women and social work.  In St Patrick's Parish Babanki, the sisers run St Patrick's Catholic Technical College and the Health Centre.

Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, Bafemeng: Founded by Mother Theresa of Jesus Bacq as the fruits of  Mary's love and sufferings to follow Christ. Their Charism is to live the merciful love of Jesus through a dedicate life.  Involved in the education of children, health, social work, serving the poor and the needy. Came to St Gabriel's Parish, Bafmeng in 2014 and are involved in the schools.

Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima, (Instituo Suore Madonna di Fatima), Ngomgham: Founded on 2 October 1949 by Mother Emma Pia Pignanelli, at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Patime Pieve, Perugia, Italy. At the service of the Church, the sisters are involved in education and Parish work in Ngomgham Parish.

Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate, Benakuma: Founded on 8 Dec. 1936 in the Northern Italian city of Milan, and then known as the Missionarie dell'Immacolata. They  were founded by by Giuseppina Dones and Giuseppina Rodolfi; but they are also inspired by Blessed Paolo Manna and Mgr. Lorenzo Maria Balconi, the co-founders. In 1948, the first Sisters left for India and became known as the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate. Today they are spread out in 5 continents of the world (Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania) to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In Africa, they are found in only 3 countries: Cameroon, Guinea Bissau, and Algeria. The Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate are the first group of Sisters to settle in Isimbi country, in St Paul's Parish Benakuma. Sr Hilda a trained nurse  is from India, and so is Sr Sinie, a Social worker while a third Sister Sr Shephanie is from Bangladesh.

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