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St Agnes Parish, MBESA


      The Catholic Church in Mbesa (at that time called Mbesenaku) started in 1919 through the initiative of a castor oil seller, the late Nshom NDIESIH who met and became friendly with an Oku Christian, Philppus Ngum Nsam. Both of them contacted  Fon Njong of Mbesa and got a plot and a church built.  In fact it was Philip who became the first catechist but sooner than later, the traditional people reacted against the Catechumens some of whom fled to Njinikom while others went to Ibalichim. It was when Paa Andreas Gwedji became catechist in 1942 that he brought back the Catholic Church to Mbesa. Pa Gwedji handed over to Matthias Kfem in 1947; Kfem handed over to Crispinus Kenkuo who handed over to Mbibie Sylvester Kain on 16 Dec. 1979. All this while Mbesenaku was served respectively by Shisong, Nkar and Djottin Parishes. In 1985, constant trouble with Oku led the people to seek to belong to the Archdiocese of Bamenda and to be served from there. It was then that Fr Tatah Humphrey Mbuy was sent by the Parish Priest Fr Henry Diobe Mesue of Fuli-Kom to come and reopen the doors of the Church which had been sealed for 12 years. The people decided to refer to this place as MBESA , no longer MBESENAKU. After a few months to re-launch Christianity in Mbesa, Fr Tatah baptized over 200 christians and infants who had been waiting over the years. Innocent Babey Chia was catechist but in 1986, Joseph Njoh, a trained catechist from Fuli was sent and he completely reshaped the face of Mbesa for 12 years.  
Archbishop Paul Verdzekov canonically erected St Agnes Parish Mbesa in March 2002 with territory detached from Fuli-Kom Parish and with Fr Anthony Viban as the pioneer Parish Priest. Today, Fr Lesley Fonye KEMAN is the Parish priest and Mbesa has produced 2 priests, 5 Reverend brothers, 10 Reverend Sisters including the first Franciscan Sister to become a medical doctor (Sr Dr Helen Ashoma). There are 8 Mission Stations, 7 catechists, 1 Health Centre run by the Franciscan Sisters from Njinikom and 5 Catholic Primary Schools.

Inside the Parish Church in Mbesa

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