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                     The Truth will Set you Free
Et Veritas Liberabit Vos

   Do whatever He tells you
Quomunque Dixerit  Vobis Facite


 29 June 2015

21 Deacons were ordained in the St Joseph's Metropolitan Cathedral Mankon, Bamenda- 11 for the Archdiocese of Bamenda, 3 for the diocese of Buea, 2 for the Diocese of Kumbo; 2 for the Capuchin Friary and one each for the Dioceses of Mamfe, Bafoussam and Berberati in the CAR. Bishop Agapitus Nfon was the ordaining prelate assisted by His Lordship Bishop Francis Teke Lysinge, Bishop Emeritus of Mamfe.


The Bull of Pope Paul VI, Tametsi Christianarum of 13 August 1970  erected the Diocese of Bamenda with teritory detached from the then Diocese of Buea which covered what is today the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province. Fr Paul Verdzekov, was appointed as its pioneer bishop. On the 18 March 1982 Pope John Paul II created the Bamenda Ecclesiatical Province by the Bull Eo Magis Ecclesia Catholica, making Bamenda the Metropolitan See and Bishop Paul Verdzekov, Archbishop.  By the same Bull, the Pope erected the Diocese of Kumbo with territory detached from the Archdiocese of Bamenda and Fr Cornelius Fontem Esua, from Mbetta,  as pioneer bishop. Kumbo, and Buea, became Suffragrans of the Metropolitan See of Bamenda. On 9 February 1999, Pope John Paul II erected the Diocese of Mamfe, with territory detached from the Diocese of Buea and Fr. Francis Teke Lysinge,  from the Bakweri tribe, as pioneer bishop. Mamfe was also  assigned as suffragran of Bamenda. On 31 May 2011, Fr Agapitus Nfon, priest of Kumbo, was ordained Auxiliary Bishop of Bamenda. The Archdiocese of Bamenda lies between the 5th and 7th latitudes North, and between the 9th and 11th degrees East longitude. It covers an area of 10.000 square kilometres and Bamenda is the  Seat of the Archdiocese is in the city of Bamenda, the  Civil Administrative Headquarters of the N.W. Region of Cameroon. The archdiocese comprises of the  Civil Administrative Divisions of Mezam (inhabited mostly by Bali-Chamba, the Bafut and Ngemba); Momo (peopled by the Widikum,Moghamo,Menemo, Ngie, Ngwo and Menka); Menchum ( inhabited by the Aghem, Mmen, Fungom,Esu, Esimbi and Beba-Befang people); Boyo (peopled by the  Kom and Bum ); and Ngoketunjia (inhabited by a number of chiefdoms -Bamunka, Babungo, Bangolan, Baba, Babessi, Bafanji, Nsei, Balikumbat and Bambalang).   The overwhelming majority of these people are self-employed peasant farmers. Industrial activity is virtually nonexistent but the population is very dynamic and a lot of commerce goes on especially in the major towns. This area has some of the best educational institutions in the Republic of Cameroon at all levels; but it is also the political hot pot of Cameroon opposition. Today the Archdiocese has a population of 1.457.053 of the 2.023.695 inhabitants of the North West Region. 22% of the population are Christians of varied denominations, 13% adherents of Islam; 7% adherents of African Traditional Religion and the rest pockets of different Western and Eastern religions about 3%. The Archdiocese of Bamenda is divided into 31 Parishes and 9 Quasi Parishes grouped into 7 deaneries for easy pastoral administration - NJINIKOM, MANKON, WIDIKUM, BAMBUI, NDOP, BAMBUI & BAFUT each named after the oldest Parish of the Deanery.

CELEBRATION OF THE PASTORAL WEEK 2015  The theme for the  2015 Pastoral Week for the Archdiocese of Bamenda is: Come out of yourselves and Wake up the World. It is taken from and inspired by the Letter of Pope Francis on the Year of the Consecrated Life. Pastoral Week celebrations which were going on at the level of the SCCs will come to an end on Tuesday 30 June 2015. As from Wednesday 1 July 2015, the celebration is supposed to take place in all Mission Stations of  the Archdiocese. In August celebrations will take place at the level of the Parishes; then in September at the Deaneries. The climax will be the celebration at the level of the Archdiocese in October 2015.


ARCHBISHOP'S HOUSE: Fr Paul Remjika Archbishop's Private Secretary/ Chaplain Social Welfare; Fr George Ngalim -Vicar General Adjunct; Mankon- Fr Leonard Akiumbene curate; Akum- Fr Viban Anthony PP, Fr Joseph Ateh part-time curate; Santa-Fr Eric Pascal Ndzie curate; Njinteh-Fr Leo Asanga Ndanjong curate; Ntambeng-Fr Ignatius Beriliy PP &Seminarian; Ngomgham-Fr Richard Chin curate; Azire: Fr Francis Neguin PP, Fr Joseph Akem curate; Bambui-Fr William Tardze PP, Fr John Musi curate/chaplain Dominican sisters; St John Nkwen-Fr Joseph Mbiydzenyuy curate; Futru-Fr Hypolite Wirnkar Tanfen PP, Fr Marcel Kengem manager of schools; Yemnge-Fr Patrick Mbih Atang Rector, Rev. Gabriel Afumbom Tokoh curate; Wum- Fr Jacques Ayi Mve curate, Fr Damiain Moneke Ghukwo curate; Holy Trinity, Bafmeng, Benakuma each get a seminarian; Widikum-Fr Bartholomew Claude Ndjengue curate; Bali Nyonga- Fr Emmanuel Ngu Nde PP &Seminarian; Teze-Fr Gilbert Fuka PP, Rev. Roland Kang; Mbengwi- Fr John Paul Ambe Rector &Seminarian; Menka-seminarian; Batibo- Fr Valentine Tatah pp, Fr Parfait Cheo Zoa curate; Njindom Parish-Fr Elijah Fru Nde curate; Ndop- Fr Marthurin Armand Samo curate, a seminarian; Balikumbat- Fr John Divine Vernyuy curate; Babanki Tungo- Fr Wilfred Buma Forte/chaplain St Patrick's college; Njinikom- Fr Pascal Ambe PP, Rev. Patrice TapieYongnjoh; Mbesa-Fr Lesley Fonye Keman PP, Seminarian; Fuanantui- Fr Bori Sife Lemfon PP&seminarian; Fuli-Kom- Fr Anicet Yene Yene curate; Fonfuka-Fr John Cyril Johnrose curate; Ilung-Fr Dominic Lawrence Otieno curate; STAMS- Fr John Berinyuy Spiritual Director; CATUC- Fr Evaristus Yufanyi chaplain; State/Private Universities- Fr John Bintum chaplain; St Bede's College- Fr William Neba Principal, Fr Cletus Tita chaplain; OLLSS- Sr Mary Wirsiy Principal, Sr Agnes Chibuso Vice, Sr Effiama Okoye Bursar, Ashley Hansen teacher; Sacred Heart College- Fr Joseph Nchitu chaplain; JOPACC, St Benedict &St Patrick each gets a seminarian; College Bakery-Brothers of St Martin de Porres. PORTSMOUTH- Fr Charles Ngoubi& Fr Isaiah Benedict Fru; St Anselm London- Fr Anorld Ambe; Pastoral Centre- Immaculate Neba Ass. Administrator; Archdiocesan Health Coordinator- Sr Imelda Kuh; Family Life Office-Nereus Nganfor Amungwa&Marcelline Wujlanyuy Fola; Garage-Brothers of St Martin de Porres (Br. Paul Tor, Br Jude Fonyuy Wirba, Br Joseph Eso).  

BURIAL OF REV. PROF. CHRISTIAN MOFOR:   The very Rev. Prof. Christian Mofor who died in Shisong on 11 June 2015 was buried in the Bamenda Metropolitan Cathedral on Tuesday 23 June  after a funeral Mass with His Grace Cornelius Fontem Esua as chief celebrant. Also present were His Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi and all the Bishops of the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province; the Rectors and Vice Chancellors of CATUC and UCCAC. May God now reward Fr Christian with happiness in heaven.


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